The Nordic Summer Colloquium on Advanced Steel, NSCAS

Sweden - The Global Center of Excellence and Innovations for Advanced Steel

We were here and we loved it!
NSCAS 2016 – day by day

The Triple Steelix Industrial Region hereby invites you as a PhD-student within the field of metallurgy, processing and properties of advanced steel to join a group of fellow doctoral students for two weeks of inspiring and exciting meetings, lectures and research exchange.

We will take care of you from your arrival until the day for departure. Lodging, food and transport within Sweden are included. The weeks consists of an intensive programme including exchange of information, lectures, plant visits and scientific poster sessions.

NSCAS will be a unique opportunity for you to meet renowned experts and academics from leading Swedish steel companies and universities. You will also make valuable connections and get to know young researchers from all over the world.

Looking forward to seeing you!



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please contact:

Elisabeth Dahlstedt
Elisabeth Dahlstedt
Mobil: 070-322 37 99