Morning: Lecture on tribology at the University of Dalarna, (Högskolan Dalarna, HDa). Excellent seminar by professor Mikael Olsson on Applications for Machining and Rock Drilling. Much appreciated by the students with several detailed discussions and contacts between the students and the professor. Further contacts agreed for future cooperation. Visit to HDa tribology and metallurgical laboratories.

Participants: Students, JS (partly), LI (partly).

Afternoon: Lunch by Triple Steelix and then lecture on dislocations and material properties modelling by professor Göran Engberg. Good presentation but a bit too condensed with a summary of most differential equations used to describe deformation phenomenae related to material properties. Heavy work load for brains after lunch.
Participants: Students, JS (partly), LI (partly).

Visit to Falu Copper mine, Falun. (UNESCO World Heritage site). Historical perspective of the metals and mining activities in the region.
Participants: Students, JS, LI.

Dinner at Främby Udde, Falun, hosted by Triple Steelix. Fantastic evening to make friends and for the PhD-students to see some of the surroundings. Well appreciated by the students.