Sandvik – Pasi Kangas, Anna Prim
Sandviken – Lennart Söderberg
Stay-over at Högbo Pensionat

The day started with leaving Vassbo and going to Sandviken. In Sandviken we visited Sandvik company.  Vice President R&D of Sandvik along with other colleagues gave us a warm welcome to their hi-tech head office. He introduced us to the company in short and informative presentation which was followed by presentation of our research work. After a sumptuous lunch, we got an opportunity to visit melting, continuous casting, hot rolling and extrusion plants of the company. Detailed discussion with technical personnel gave us an insight about the various processes being carried out there. In addition to that we had a guided tour to the place from where Sandvik had actually originated.
It was quite surprise to us that Sandvik has been working on fuel cell for very long time, and has started a pilot project together with Sandviken municipality to bring fuel cell vehicle to the community. This shows Swedish companies are very visionary, innovative and willing take risk.

Lei and Abhinav