Visit at SSAB, Borlänge Eva Pétursson
Borlänge, Ornäs and Haganäs Ulrika Hagen

Today we visited SSAB, a global company specialized on low-alloyed high strength steels. The tour started with a video of car-crash test, pointing out the importance of safety in automotive business and how high strength steels play a role there. After our presentations, we got the chance to visit two production lines – hot-rolling and continuous annealing lines. One key for SSAB production is achieving better material performance by heat treatment instead of heavy alloying, hence the temperature and timing of processing is rather important. We were fascinated by the well-controlled and highly automated production process starting from slab heating, going through all steps including hot-rolling, quenching, coiling, annealing, till the final packaging. Additionally, in the late afternoon, we were guided to see a traditional Swedish summer house of about five hundred years’ old, which now is a museum telling part of the Swedish history. It was a short trip but a nice compact overview over several hundred years.

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