Today’s report is filed by Xin Pan and Eduardo Pineda Martinez. Xin comes from China and Eduardo comes from Mexico. Both Xin and Eduardo are studying at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

Today’s highlights

The second day (29th August, 2017) of NSCAS 2017 starts with a lovely breakfast. When we left the hostel, we did not expect such a splendid day.

Dalarna University

The day started off with a visit to Dalarna University which is one of Sweden’s more recent institutions of higher education, this university is the most important academic institution in the region of Falun and Borlänge and has a capacity of more than 15,000 students with about two-thirds of them studying via distance education. The first activity in the university consisted of a lecture about steel forming and surface engineering given by Doctor Ulf Bexell, the lecture was an open forum in which all participants could share opinions, experiences and pose questions. As a complement to the lecture, the visit was extended to the different laboratories of the department and the participants had the chance to talk with the experts in the field. After the lecture, a series of 3 minute-pitches were given by the NSCAS participants in a presentation skills workshop led by Sarah Ramsay, each presentation was recorded for further feedback purposes.



Doctor Ulf Bexell is giving the introduction of Dalarna University for NSCAS 2017 visitors.


Fly’s eye displayed in scanning electron microscope (SEM), operated by Dr Kumar Babu Surreddi, a researcher in the Surface Engineering and Tribology group at Dalarna University.

For more information on Dalarna University visit:

Industry visit: ORTIC AB, Borlänge

After the lunch, we came to visit Ortic AB, the pioneers of a new manufacturing technology, 3-D roll forming, which most of us had not heard about before this visit. 3-D roll forming can allow the sheet to be finished to vary along the length with a number of individually mobile computer-controlled roll stands. After the presentation delivered by the CEO, Mr Johan Eriksson and the Forming Technology Manager, Mr Alexander Vigander, all of us were completely amazed by the design and output of this novel technology, almost everyone was eager to know as much as we possibly could by asking many interesting questions. Afterwards, we had a tour of the workshop, where we had the chance to see how all the equipment works and what the products are in Ortic. Before we left, Xin Pan, a Chinese PhD student, studying at the University of Sheffield, who represented us, presented a gift to Johan and expressed our appreciation to Ortic.

CEO of Ortic AB, Mr Johan Eriksson, he is very proud of their company

All of us enjoyed this visit very much, not just because we learnt some knowledge about the novel 3-D roll forming technology, but also the way Ortic run their business. And this is just the first company for us to visit during this 2-week project, all of us cannot wait to visit other companies on that list now.

Anindya Das really enjoyed himself, with the light column manufactured by Ortic.

For more information on ORTIC AB, visit

Evening visit to a cathedral and an ostrich farm

At the end of the day, we experienced a fantastic time of leisure and dinner. The first stop was in the cathedral of Stora Tuna, the graveyard and the interiors of the cathedral could be appreciated during the visit. Then, the group headed to Sahlins Struts where everybody could closely see the ostriches and learn about the nature of these amazing birds. The day ended with a sensational dinner of ostrich meat in which all the participants had a very good moment of joy. The whole day was felt very short due to the high quality of each activity, the participation of Elisabeth in leading the group was exceptional and thanks to her all the activities were very well organised and successfully done.

Dinner in Sahlins Struts