Today’s report is filed by Andrea Francesco Ciuffino and Mustafa Seyrek. Andrea comes from Italy. He is studying at Politecnico di Milano. Mustafa comes from Turkey. He is studying at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

Today’s highlights

Visit to SSAB in Borlänge

Today, Thursday 31st of August, we went to visit the SSAB Borlänge plant. We started with a presentation of the company and the mill given by the site manager Eva Petursson, who was very friendly and hospitable. They have underlined how they offer solutions to their customers with a combination of sustainability and performance, as we have also observed during the site visit. The site manager also informed us about the processing routes present within the plant. Then, we visited the rolling mills. First, we saw the hot rolling process and we were all absolutely fascinated by its capability.

After that, the tour continued to the “huge stomach of SSAB”, as said by Fredrik, the pickling lines. Following on, we proceeded through the cold rolling mill with its batch and continuous thermal treatments areas. In particular, the huge continuous furnace caught our attention. Further, one more detail that impressed us was the continuous attention that SSAB pays to quality control and the details in the production process. After plant visit, SSAB offered us lunch, and after that we were interviewed about our impressions of today’s visit.

During the afternoon, the R&D branch gave us another presentation focused on their current research. Thanks to the participation of some researchers from SSAB’s R&D department, we had the opportunity to run our poster session -  catching positively their attention (or at least we hope so). Finally, we got to meet Pepe who won the Swedish Steel Prize.

SSAB is a highly specialized global steel company that works in close cooperation with customers. SSAB develops high strength steel and provides services for better performance and from a sustainability perspective.

Ornäs Cottage/Museum

After SSAB visit, we went to Ornässtugan, an old summer house by the lake, where Gustav Vasa slept for one night hiding from the Danish king. There, an enthusiastic guide also told us about the stories about the first Swedish kings. Then, we lost Anindya. Actually, he thought we would like to catch him and deliver to the Danish, thus he secretly escaped from the toilet. In the end, we found him back at the restaurant for dinner.
Ornässtugan (Ornäs cottage) is one of Sweden’s oldest museums. It first opened as a museum in 1758.The most famous visitor is Gustav Eriksson Vasa who visited Ornässtugan in 1520.

Borlänge Municipality

Borlänge municipality hosted us for dinner in a very nice place just by the lake with a magnificent view. The dinner was really tasty, the halibut was really juicy and delicious and the coupling with the saffron exalted its flavour, and the blueberry dessert was even better.
Finally, we returned to the B&B and had some well-deserved rest.