Visit at ABB, Västerås – Rebei Bel Fdhila
Evening event: Västerås – Eva Little

We started early in the morning to visit ABB in Vasteras. After a small "fika“ at the cooperate research center, researchers of ABB introduced us quickly into their research activities and their cooperation's with the local university. Following the NSCAS members presented held oral / poster presentations which were followed by lively discussions with the ABB members about its topics. After lunch we got a tour through the research labs in the cooperate research center and at a ABB Metallurgy factory site  focusing on electromagnetic stirring, failure analysis, additive manufacturing (3D printing of metals), water models of EAF and casting, and a very exciting 3D interactive display of different sections of plant. The day ended with a tour through the "Expectrum“ a center for interaction of the community with science , a great place to get together. Closed by the dinner was carried out sponsored by the city of Vasteras – tasty!

C. Baron