Today’s report is filed by Anindya Das and Mustafa Seyrek. Anindya comes from India and is studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. Mustafa comes from Turkey. He is studying at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Today’s highlights


On the 4th September, 2017, during HTSC at Falun, we heard about Sandvik’s cutting edge technology and open innovation strategy. Their research on materials’ technology was inspiring for all of us. Fortunately, on the 5th September we had the chance to visit and interact with Sandvik at Sandviken.

Sandvik at Sandviken has the second largest industrial complex in Sweden. In the morning when we entered the city, we could sense the magnitude of this company spreading over some acres alongside the lake Storsjön. We were warmly greeted by Sandvik in the morning at their conference venue where we were given an insight about this giant R&D company, about their innovations, research and products.

It was in Sandvik, where we found extreme eagerness amongst their scientists to know the details about our research. In fact, we had in-depth detailed discussions with the scientists at Sandvik and also got positive suggestions from them. Their interest to know more about our work has uplifted our confidence and moral regarding research related to Material Technology, particularly on steels.

Very happy to interact with the scientists of Sandvik at Sandviken

After lunch, we were accompanied to the R&D labs of the organisation. The visit let us know about their research capabilities and their inclination towards various aspects of material science they are interested to study in greater detail. There is no doubt about their state-of-the-art facilities addressing the need towards mechanical characterisation, electron microscopy, corrosion of engineering materials etc. Most importantly, they not only maintain strict safety rules inside the labs, in fact the laboratories are very well maintained and organised. This was a lesson for all the young research scholars like us who wish to maintain high standards of research methodologies and utmost professionalism. In terms of their electron microscopy facilities, Sandvik has some high class instruments which they are utilising continuously. That is the reason they have developed such in-depth knowledge about the materials which have high demands in various engineering sectors. We were also amazed to see their corrosion lab. Their knowledge database could be sensed from their speeches. The corrosion lab was not an exception. Again, their work methodology and organised behaviour was learning for us.

Sandvikens kommun

In the evening, we went to Högbo and interacted with the Sandvikens municipality. We were briefed about the short history of Sandvik and how the city Sandviken has developed successively with the industry. It was exciting for us to know that Sandvik also has a rich history and the town Högbo served an instrumental role in it. The surroundings are very calm and soothing. We saw a lot of people cycling in that area. Obviously, such pleasing natural surroundings cannot keep people inside their respective homes.

In short, the day was inspiring for all of us. Not only did we have good technical discussions, but also a fabulous tour of the city surrounding Sandvik. The emotional attachment of the people with their city was evident which led to such massive development of the region and probably it will grow to newer heights in the coming years.