Wednesday, 6th September
Today’s report is filed by Andrea Francesco Ciuffino and Viktor Kripak. Andrea comes from Italy and studies at Politecnico di Milano. Viktor comes from the Ukraine and studies at IEHK Steel Institute at RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

Today’s highlights

The day started packing all our belongings, since we are leaving Vassbo today. For sure, we’ll miss the beautiful surrounding landscapes and the handmade-jam for breakfast.

Visit to ABB Research

We drive to Västerås to visit ABB Research. We were welcomed by Professor Rebei Bel Fdhila and some of the R&D staff. They introduced ABB to us and kindly listened to the presentations of our research. Then, we have a tour of ABB’s research laboratories investigating Virtual Reality applications. There, some of us could also experience a couple of ABB Virtual Reality products conceived for training. In short, Anindya was getting lost even in the Virtual Reality.

We had a delicious lunch and then we visited the ABB laboratories and production site regarding the steelmaking products: continuous casting brakes and stirrers. Dr. Hongliang Yang guided us sharing not only his competences but also his passion. We could also observe the water models of Ladle Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace and Continuous Casting mold.

Cultural visit to Anundshög Viking site

After the visit at ABB we went to the interesting historic Viking site of Anundshög. At this site, there are the highest burial mound in Sweden with monolithic stones placed to resemble a ship shape.

Västerås Municipality

Then, we met representatives of Västerås municipality, who showed us their extremely open-minded vision of the future of the city. They also walked with us along the Black River up to the lake, indicating us the Turbinhuset and the Västerås Slott, two of the main historic buildings of this city.

After a short walk on the Mälaren lakeside, we reached the newly renovated Steam Hotel. This hotel has been built in a 100 years old steam power plant, refurbishing its industrial architecture in a stylish and comfortable environment. There, we could act as true gentlemen playing at some old-fashioned table games, visiting the spa and having an appetizer at the 18th floor terraced bar.

Frösåkers Brygga Restaurant

Afterwards, we reached the Frösåkers Brygga restaurant, where we were guided by very friendly chefs into the secrets of Swedish cuisine. We prepared Skagenröra as starter, roasted beef in wild mushroom sauce and homemade ice-cream. Clearly, one of the best meals we had and incredibly handmade by ourselves.

The main chef and owner (John Erik) also showed us his historic and Viking boat collection/museum, inspiring us for a pirate cruise next summer. He also let us visit his cellar, offering us the taste of an AAARRRRRGGGHHH-Viking-style beer and narrating a couple of Viking myths and legends. Finally, we could dream dragons in the hotel/houses surrounding the restaurant.