Academic day Elisabeth Dahlstedt

Welcome! Presentations by all PhD students to introduce the Poster-session NSCAS
Mälardalen University
Hosein Lokman
Luleå Technological University
Lars-Erik Lindgren
Dalarna University
Mikael Olsson
Dalarna University
Göran Engberg

On Tuesday we had a more science-oriented seminar organized by Triple Steelix at Dalarna University. We expected that there would be more deep discussion on our research topics and steel technology in general. Elisabeth Dahlstedt opened the day and emphasized the role of NSCAS in focusing on attractiveness and competence for the Swedish steel industry. After short welcoming words by the Dean, the seminar opened with presentations by NSCAS Alumnis, which were quite interesting, especially application oriented wear testing  and press hardening of automotive steels by Niko and Henri of Tampere University of Technology. This was followed by presentations by NSCAS PhD students. The presentation on finite element simulation of manufacturing process by Prof. Lars Erik Lindgren of Luleå University was very useful to our research work. We also learned about the role of CFD in simulating the process of slab reheating furnace from Lokman Husein of Malardalen University. The mechanism of cemented carbide tool wear during rock drilling and metal cutting by Prof. Mikael Olsson of Dalarna University was good to know. We were also excited to learn about the different physically based models for plastic deformation from Prof. Göran Engberg and the importance of modeling in solving industrial problems. It was nice to get help from Sarah Ramsey of Dalarna University on presentation technique and doubtless very useful for our future research careers.

Rajni and Tuomo